Saturday, 3 September 2016

Advice which will help you to study better

Show me a student who said that he wont study this year. I am pretty sure that some of you may say, that you are this non-usual person or have a friend, who stands in this position, but much bigger part will be constructed from those, who have big hopes to do great job this year. So I have some short advices for you and I hope that you will use them!

  1. On the weekends study in the morning. From my experience I can say, that if I'm not doing it as soon as I can, I won't do it at all. Exercise I like to do if I have free friday evening, but to study for tests I am too tired at that time. In the morning time you will feel more fresh, so grab a warm cup of coffe and go: faster you will finish, faster you will have free time.
  2. Have breaks. I know that this one is very basic, but seriously don't forget them. You can do a short workout or have a ten minutes nap. This way you will reenirgize and it will be much easier to study further. 
  3. When you have learned the information, rewrite it. Yes, it may consume more time but it helps to firm the information much better. Just rewrite everything you remember (or at first you can think of some questions to the each paragraph) and then certain yourself. I hope you didn't do mistakes (smile)!
  4. Put away your electronics. Turn off wifi and say hello to the airplane mode. I think we all know that feeling, that it looks like you have been studying for hours but you didn't do a thing, because once in a five minutes you were checking your social medias. So help yourself by adding these things away.
  5. Study before sleeping, study before school. And it doesn't mean that you have to study all night, no. Just the last thing you have to do before laying to the dreams - read all the information you have to know and go sleep earlier. The next morning get up earlier and read again. Then have a good breakfast and you are good to go and get some great marks. This clue will help you to memorize more information in the less time.
  6. Incorporate the information through microphone. And if you have inquiring memory, when you go to the bus station or to meet friends - instead of listening some music, play your canned information through headphones. Doing two things at the same time - what a productivity!
  7. Know your goal and always remember it. Maybe the university or the dream about traveling the world could help you to motivate yourself. So use it! And if you still don't have the goal, try to read some motivational phrases and books or watch some movies.
  8. Review and revise. Especially if we are talking about foreign languages. As deeper as you go, sometimes we can forget the basic words and basic rules, so don't make it happen. And if you are having a big test in the end of the year, use this advice too. Once in a while, read everything and when the test will come closer, you won't have that much stress, because of the revising you won't forget everything.
  9. Ask for help. This so obvious but we all are always to shy to do that. You shouldn't care about others opinion, especially if they don't understand your motives and start laughing. Teacher are here for helping to you, not just retelling the books information.
  10. Life isn't just school. Have fun too. And make the studying fun. In this way, you will never get bored.
Let's meet again another time. Thanks for reading!

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